Acrylic Nails

Full Set $26 

Refill $16 

Full Set French Tip $31 

Repair $3 

Long Nails $3 to $5 Extra

Nail Cutdown $3 

Solar Nails

Pink & White acrylic for those who prefer a constant French look.

Full Set $41 

Solar White Tip $36 

Solar Color Tip $46 

Solar Color Whole Nails $41 

Pink Only Refill $26 

Refill Pink & White $33 

Refill Solar Color Tip $41 

Refill Solar Color Whole Nails $36 

Repair $3 


Dipping Powder Color Overlay $36 

Dipping Powder Full Set Color $41 

Dipping Powder Full Set Color Tip $46 

Dipping Powder Refill Color Tip $41 

Dipping Powder French Overlay $41 

Dipping Powder Refill French Overlay $41 

Dipping Powder French Full Set $46 

Dipping Powder French Refill $41 

French or American $5 

Polish Change Hands $9 

Polish Change Feet $10 

Nails Design $5 & up


Manicure $15 

Deluxe Manicure $26 

Manicure Gel Color $31 

Manicure Gel French $36 

Polish Change Gel $23 


For tired, achy feet and legs massage, massage more massage is answered.

15 minute (without Pedicure) $16 

10 minute (with any services) $11 

15 minute (with any services) $16 

Neck & Shoulder Massage (15 mins) $16 


Under 12 years old

Manicure $11 

Pedicure $18 

Polish Change $5 

Pedicure/ Manicure Combo $26 

2 Nails Art Design $3 


Full Set $21 

Full Set French Tip $26 

Full Set Solar Nails $36 

Full Set Solar French Tip $31 

* Student Special 18 under $2.00 OFF (I.D. Required)


(Extra Gel $15)

Spa Pedicure with Massage Chair $26 

30 minutes

Paraffin Pedicure $36 

35 minutes

Our relaxing spa pedicure is followed by a treatment with a warm moisture rich paraffin to soothe and hydrate.

Deluxe Pedicure $41 

45 minutes

Consist of the use of natural sea salt scrub, salt glow, a masque for exfoliation, and hydration, followed by a warm towel wrap leaving skin smooth and soft.

Sea Butter Pedicure $41 

45 minutes

Known to be one of the most moisturizing natural ingredients, pure Shea butter is used in this pedicure to provide intense nourishment to feet and legs. Experience a new level of softness after 100% shea butter is massaged into your skin and then allowed a absorb while your feet and legs are wrapped in warm towels.

Lavender Pedicure $41 

45 minutes

Relax and soothe your soles with a soak in lavender laced water, followed by a lavender exfoliation and massage.

Smooth Soles Pedicure $41 

45 minutes

Remove calluses and rough spots for baby soft soles with this relaxing spa pedicure. Enjoy a foot soak laced with peppermint oils followed by a cooling, callus removal wrap, exfoliation, and moisturizing massage.

Peppermint Twist Spa Pedicure $41 

45 minutes

Luxurious foot and leg treatment designed to stimulate circulation and provide temporary relief to sore muscles and joints. Intense exfoliation using eucalyptus peppermint scrub to remove layers of dry skin, followed by a hydrating botanical mask that will delight and tingle the senses. Finish the twist with a cooling gel massage.

Marine Mask Pedicure $41 

45 minutes

A rejuvenating aromatherapy foot mask enhanced with hydrating sea extracts, conditioning mineral clays, and soothing botanicals. Foot feels soft, moisturized, and cool for hours.

Thai Spa Pedicure $46 

50 minutes

We use traditional Thai massage and reflexology techniques along with a Kemiri Nut scrub, honey milk lotion, and fower mask followed by a ginger moisturizer in this relaxing pedicure. Your legs and feet will feel rejuvenated, energized, and silky smooth.

Tropical Citrus Spa Pedicure $46 

50 minutes

Tropical citrus contains a healthy portion of vitamin B which is important for blood formation and metabolism plus valuable minerals such as potassium calcium. Citrus spa pedicure relieves body tension mental stress, which helps you sleep better.

Hot Stone Spa Pedicure $46 

50 minutes

A therapeutic pedicure procedure, heated stones are wrapped up with soothing warm towels around your feet better relax those aching feet.

Seasonal Spa Pedicure $46 

Each season brings new possibilities - from arose water soak with a cocoa and brown sugar scrub to a lemon-lime soak with a salt scrub and a refreshing citrus massage - check with reservations for our current seasonal creation.

Chocolate Spa Pedicure $51 

55 minutes

Stop those dogs from barking!!! Give them a little taste of sweetness and softness. Begin with a foot soak. Nail and cuticle trimming, exfoliation, followed by a chocolate masque, paraffin wrap, completed with a chocolate butter legs and feet massage.

Green Tea Spa Pedicure $51 

55 minutes

Green tea infused spa pedicure that my dates & detoxifies, feet are softened in a green tea soak, exfoliated with is green tea scrub and massaged with a green tea lotion. A tension-relieving mask is applied for ultimate hydration & softening of your feet, following the application of the mask your feet will be placed in warm booties, and paraffin warps hot stone massage.

Milk Honey Spa Pedicure $51 

55 minutes

Our relaxing spa pedicure is followed by treatment with a milk and honey scrub, mask to remove layers of skin, paraffin, warm towel wrap finish with the hot stone massage.


Cappuccino Organic $56 

(60 minutes)

We use traditional hot stone massage and reflexology techniques along with cappuccino scrub, mask followed by paraffin, warm towel wrap. Your legs and feet will feel rejuvenated, energized, and silky smooth.

Pomegranate & Fig Organic $56 

60 minutes

This pedicure will take your breath away pomegranate soak will relax your heels and wiggle your toe. The pomegranate salt scrub will exfoliate your legs, leaving you feeling silky smooth. A moisturizing mask filled with anti-oxidants is painted on from the toes up to the knees & is wrapped in hot steamy towels paraffin finish with the hot stone massage.

Green Tea Organic $56 

60 minutes

This treatment deeply soothes, nourishes, and repairs sun damage to renew your skin's healthy, youthful texture, and appearance. Green Tea a natural antiseptic regulates oil secretion and reduces pore size. Green Tea neutralizes free radicals and reverses sun damage. We creatively apply all these new products for amazing results. The treatment finishes with warm towels, heated stones, and a candle oil massage.

Mango $56 

60 minutes

This pedicure naturally treats skin blemishes and even skin tone shows improved brightness and texture. Skin irritation is soothed and wrinkles are reduced by this treatment. Mango fruit extract is a rich natural moisturizer that deeply hydrates and nourishes. As always, we wrap your legs and feet in warm towels. The ultimate step is a warm candle oil massage with heated stones.


Eyebrow $9 

Lip $7 

Chin $9 & up

Face Wax $36 

Under Arms $16 & up

Back $31 & up

Full Back $61 & up

Whole Legs $61 & up

Lower Legs $36 & up

Bikini $31 

Partial Brazilian $46 & up

Brazilian $56 & up


Eyelash Tinting $20 

Brow Tinting $18 


Xtreme(TM) Lash Extensions $150 

Refill $50 & up

Eyelash Tabbing $25 


Eyebrows $11 

Lips $9 

Full Face $40